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​Working for BORG IT means working in a consulting company with a focus on SAP and digital solutions. You will experience a flexible and respectful culture where we take care of each other, the environment and help our customers in the best possible way. You will experience a customer-focused company where you will be given responsibility and demands are made on your commitment and performance.

  • You will experience a welcoming and inclusive work mentality and culture. At BORG IT we work across borders and cultures.
  • You will be involved in projects where we help companies implement, configure, and optimize SAP software. This may include advising customers on how to best utilize the functionality of the SAP software and how to best integrate the system into the customers' IT architecture. The aim is to help customers achieve their business objectives and optimize their processes.
  • Your work may also include technical support, troubleshooting and maintenance of SAP systems. Depending on your role in the company, you may work directly with customers or collaborate with other colleagues in BORG IT to deliver projects and tasks to customers.
  • Next to a good understanding of SAP software, you will need strong communication skills and the ability to work both independently as well as part of a team.

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​Due to our long market presence, we have a large network and can help you out with a large pool of SAP consultants and developers. We can also offer you a nearshore team of consultants and developers in Poland.

Lauge Borg

CEO & Founder

Constance Winkler

Sales Support & Office Assistent

Susanne Kuhr-Haaf

Head of SaaS Sales

Christian Schütt

Ressource Manager