Digital monitoring and reporting on energy installations

​We offer IoT solutions for (real-time) monitoring and reporting on energy installations, including electricity meters, water meters, and energy production equipment such as solar converters and wind turbines.

​We can read, send, and display your data regardless of the equipment make. Our alarm triggers can be customized to meet your specific requirements. This applies to private plants, public buildings, and facilities, as well as large production plants and parks. Both previous energy consumption and production, as well as real-time data, can be accessed and displayed via smartphones and websites.

Read examples of digital energy monitoring at our partner’s website eviShine.

Smart Meters

Smart meters (remotely readable consumption and production meters) for water, heat, and electricity in the modern utility industry in the context of SAP’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (SAP AMI) are another example of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Smart meters help you track exactly when and how much electricity, water or gas is used and transmit that information to utilities in real time. Together with AI and machine learning this data can help you determine how to lower operating costs, increase efficiency, and forecast demand. You can also set up alerts for when certain thresholds are hit.

We have extensive experience in the rollout and integration of remote meters and the set-up of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure. With AMI you can integrate your smart meters, communication networks and data management systems and benefit from increasing reliability and better outage management as well as improved data quality and billing.